Create a sampling initiative for Glaceau in the Philadelphia region that resonated with milennials.


Over 60,000 bottles sampled. 2,000,000+ impressions online. An average of 65 events per year. Over 32,000 attendees over a 4 year time period. Entrepreneurs generated over $500,000.00 in revenue through our unique programming.

We believed their was growing interests within our target audience not just for art, photography, event planning, business and fashion but to display those talents in front of their friends, family, peers and supporters. That growing interest created a need for a platform or stage for those individuals to showcase their talents, creations and products. So we created The Dreaming Building, a 3,600 square foot experimental space in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia. The space featured a co-working space, photography studio, event space and WIFI Cafe sponsored by Vitaminwater with all the free Vitaminwater you could drink. Besides making the space available to millennials, we also produced events. Two of our most notable monthly events: The Pop Up Mall - a monthly event where we invited out 20 up and coming brands to set up a 20x20 ft sales activation for Philadelphians to shop. The Pop Up Food Court - the Pop Up Mall spawned the Pop Up Food Court because we discovered a bubbling interest within our target audience for the culinary arts and had desires to start catering companies, restaurants and bakeries. Through our partnership our partners were able to the move culture forward, create a long-lasting relationship, drive demand, increase shareholder value, improved sales and more importantly position themselves as leaders in culture instead of followers of culture.