Create a cultural connection with our partners and African-American milennials by shifting the mindset of a generation.


12,000+ Paid subscriptions across the United States with a demo skewing largely A.A. from 21-34 years of age.

Print readership and advertising revenues slashed. Magazines falling behind to blogs and Twitter. Publications cutting staff. Flicking through a magazine in 2008, those headlines might have led you to believe you were holding one of the last specimens of an endangered species. But American Dreaming’s research team believe it wasn’t the business of print publications that was failing, but rather the individual businesses of alot of publications that was failing. We knew there was an entrepreneurial spirit brewing in 2008 amongst African American millenials. We also knew that many of our peers were highly opinionated and passionate about fashion, styling, photography, journalism, business and graphic design and that the right print magazines were just as culturally relevant. AMERICAN DREAMING MAGAZINE was an editorial property that existed to expose the world to content beyond the obvious, allowing our readers to arrive at a destination where the world that they seek is clearly on display. AMERICAN DREAMING MAGAZINE curated, created, and inspired through visceral storytelling that is both informative and provocative, to ignite discussion and debate, stir the passions, and highlight those who are making an impact on our cultural landscape every single day in hopes to cultivate the next crop of cultural leaders. Through our partnership our partners were able to the move culture forward, create a long-lasting relationship, drive demand, increase shareholder value and improved sales.